for being such a tiny person, i'm pretty loud. i love to laugh. i only clean the house in my underwear, i sing in the shower and i eat popcorn in a weird way. my favourite word is seriously, i pretty much put it in every sentence. i'm extremely shy, but at the same time, really outgoing. i love the rain, it makes me feel like i'm at home. i love to speak madeup french, make up stupid rapsongs, and to sit up all night talking. i always gesture with my hands when i talk, and i am very passionate about comicbook films. when i walk up a flight of stairs, i always walk on my toes, when i get nervous i always need to pee, i like to brush my teeth with warm water, i love to dance on the sofa, and my favourite smells are vanilla, garages, petrol, freshly cut grass, and clorine. i love love love love dr. pepper. i guess you either hate me or love me. oh yeah, and my kid is cooler than you. true story. oh, and i love music. i like tattoos and piercings, have a few myself and i'm always updating my collection. i don't follow back instantly, this is not a competition. if you want me to check out your blog, i will! users online
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